How Natural Ingredients used in OrganiVibe products help?

Organi Vibe strongly believes in goodness of nature to nourish, heal the skin and hair. We let ingredients from mother nature be the guiding force behind our product conceptualization. Natural ingredients have been used since time immemorial, so their effectiveness in beauty regime is unquestionable. We just present them in our products in right permutations and combinations to offer the customer the best of both worlds, conventional ingredients with a contemporary twist.

Transparent, pure, and effective ingredients are sure to make your skin and the planet happy. After all we want you to stay away from chemicals, not from compliments!

The following ingredients grace our products; you would be well versed with their functionality as they are nothing new.


Coconut has been a beauty staple for generations. It is packed with goodness of Vitamin D, E, K and fatty acids, and is no less than a miracle worker for skin and hair.

--Coconut oil is hydrating, moisturizing, and can well take care of the drying skin
--The antifungal and antibacterial properties can deal with various skin infections like dermatitis, rashes etc.
--Presence of Vitamin E shields the skin from sunburns
--And some of its components stimulate collagen which can slow down the skin ageing
Not just limited to skin, coconut proves its worth in taking care of hair thinning, ensuring moisture and protein in the hair is maintained. Whether looking for frizz control, dandruff, itchy scalp, dry scalp, or a solution for hair loss, Coconut can be your go to.


This one is definitely more than a humble Indian Spice; Turmeric deserves a place in skincare as well. Loaded with healing properties like coconut, it is also rich in biological source of trace elements like biotin, copper and essential B vitamins. Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory properties makes turmeric a gamechanger in skincare.

--Treats cracked dry skin well
--Soothes burns and heals wounds faster – Curcumin present in turmeric helps in oxidation and reducing inflammation. It also helps in lowering the body’s response to cutaneous wounds. Which is why you must have heard elders in family suggesting use of turmeric in case of any cuts.
--Helps great deal in reducing scarring
--Anti-Ageing – Slows the clock ticking of your skin’s age, by taking care of wrinkles, skin’s elasticity and suppleness
--Last but most important, it brings out your natural glow. which is why it is even an important part of the wedding festivities in India. Bride and Grooms are put ubtan, with turmeric as one of the main ingredients to get their most luminous selves

Another jewel from the kitchen, Onion offers dietary Sulphur. Sulphur is a part of amino acids, found in proteins, due to which it proves its effectiveness in hair growth. Sulphur helps in regeneration of hair follicles and while minimizing hair breakage and hair thinning.
The antioxidants present in Onion are also known to delay greying of hair. And its antibacterial properties keep the scalp free of infections and dandruff, which in turn promotes hair growth. Onion juice also helps in circulation and scalp stimulation which results in well-nourished hair follicles. Stronger hair roots is equals to stronger hair. A dash of onion oil in your hair oil and hair mask can go a long way in maintaining health of your hair.

Clay’s adaptability to various uses, whether therapeutic, medicinal or cosmetic, has kept it relevance intact since ancient civilization.
French Pink clay which is known to be one of mildest forms of clay, is a combination of red and white clay. Red clay helps mature skin in collagen stimulation and elasticity while the white one has kaolin which is great for dealing with excessive skin. Pink is a combination of both, it offers best of both worlds. Due to its mild nature, Pink Clay works great for all skin types, more so for the ones with sensitive or troubled skin.
Clay deep cleanses the skin by its stimulating and exfoliating properties. It also enhances the blood circulation to skin, and removes the dead skin cells to give a youthful and even toned skin. Revitalization, soothing, calming, toning, cleansing, French Clay can do it all like a multitasker. It’s drying properties offer tighter pores, refined and clearer looking skin. It basically removes excess oil, dirt and buildup from the skin, without stripping it from essential oils.

Cucumber can be best described as a coolant in the skincare regime. Made up of 96% water content, it is ideal for offering hydration to skin. Loaded with Vitamin C and Caffeic acid, cucumber has a soothing effect on the inflamed and irritated skin.

--Cucumber is known as a natural bleaching agent, which is why it can deal with any kind of scars, and also help in evening the skin tone
--Due to presence of potassium and magnesium, its regular use can help in reducing the signs of skin ageing
--It can be a best friend for acne prone skin, it unclogs blocked pores by controlling the oil secretion
--Soothes puffiness of skin and deals with dark circles due to cooling properties by antioxidants
--The silica present in it, offers firmness to saggy skin
Due to its innumerable cooling properties, it is an ideal summer skin care ingredient.

Green Tea
Green Tea is not just a star when it comes to gut health but also for health of your skin. Just as it detoxifies the body, it detoxifies the skin too.
--Vitamin B2, and Vitamin E in Green Tea helps maintain collagen level and supports cell growth ensuring a firm and nourished skin
--Presence of tannins and caffeine help shrink blood vessels around eyes, making it ideal for treating the dark circles and puffy eyes
--High level of polyphenols, Catechins in Green Tea help avoid swelling, irritation, and redness
--These polyphenols also fight bacterial infections, ensuring an acne free skin
Undoubtedly an overachiever, green tea offers corrective and protective properties for skin and that is the reason why many skin products like serums, masks, moisturizers, cleanser have an element of green tea in it.

Aloe Vera
Best described as plant of immortality, aloe has many health, medicinal, and beauty benefits. Full of anti-viral, anti-fungal, cell regenerative characteristics, and more than 75 active constituents like lignin, enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, saponins, Aloe Vera is a great addition to your skincare regime.
Also known as the ‘burn plant’, Aloe vera is the first choice for soothing any kinds of burns. Aloin present in the plant has anti-inflammatory properties that prevents peeling as a result of sunburns. Carboxypeptidase offer pain relief and soothing sensation every time we apply aloe on a burn. Polysaccharides present in the plant helps in skin repair while encouraging new cell growth. It is cooling which is why it is used to treat rash, redness, itchiness also.
High water content, almost 95% helps offer hydration to the skin, without making it greasy. It is a perfect ingredient for face wash, moisturizing as it is a great cleanser, helps in slowing ageing, treat dark spots, and very gently exfoliates the skin.

Argan Oil
Found in kernels of argan tree found in Morocco typically, Argan Oil has picked up in India as well. Especially due to its visible results in improving the hair health. Rich in antioxidants and Minerals, Argan Oil softens and hydrates the hair well.
The damage our hair goes through on a daily basis due to pollution, hot styling tools, chemical treatments can lead to damaging hair follicles. Vitamin E rich Argan oil works as magic to repair the damage resulting to splitting, breakage and hair loss. And due to antioxidants, argan oil can effectively treat scalp issues like itchiness or dandruff.  The essential fatty acids in the oil help retore shine in the hair. Overall a good addition to your hair care.

Sesame Oil
Sesame Oil, also known as Til Oil is lubricating, healing and nourishing. Presence of B complex, Vitamin E and minerals like phosphorus, magnesium, protein, calcium strengthens the hair roots. It’s regular use helps avoid baldness, premature greying of hair, headaches and induces sound sleep. The moisturizing properties of the oil makes it an ideal hair massage oil.

Tea Tree
Tea tree oil has been trending in skin care products due to the medicinal properties it provides. It is a derivate of a medicinal plant, Melaleuca which is an Australian native and is popular for antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties.  It consists of various compounds including terpinene-4-ol that are known to kill bacteria, fungi, viruses due to which it can very well take care of small skin infections and acne. This versatile oil is being added to face washes specially to fight acne prone skin.
--Penetrates deep in pores, removes toxins and prevents clogging while killing acne causing bacteria
--Treats Scars, Infections and Cuts well due to its antiseptic properties
--Helps in treating skin inflammations, eczema
--Removes flakiness and dryness and promotes natural glow
If you have acne prone skin, let tea tree oil products be your BFF.

 Charcoal has been creating a buzz in skin care products, and for a good reason. Deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation and oil balancing offered by activated charcoal provides a smoother appearance.
--Charcoal has exceptional adsorbing property which means it sticks to the impurities on your skin and brings them to surface. Which is why it is a hit among people with oily and clogged skin.
--Due to adsorbing character that leaves clog free skin, pores produce lesser oils and also tighten overtime giving a youthful skin
--The gritty texture of charcoal is perfect for gentle exfoliation; your skin will thank you for removing those waste dead cells off them and will shine brighter than ever
Charcoal is a great ingredient for your skincare in case you have oily skin.


It’s time you keep a track of ingredients of your hair and skin care. Just like you would be double sure of what goes in your food, this is important too. Why? Over 70% of these ingredients eventually land up in your bloodstream as your skin is nothing but a sponge. So be mindful of what you feed your skin. Keep your skincare close to nature as much as you can, and you would not regret it for sure.