Our Story

Organi Vibe was homespun last year with an intention to revive our country’s age-old tradition of using natural pure ingredients for beauty care. Standing true to our name, we have recaptured the organic vibe in personal care products.

Our mantra is simple – Apply the wisdom of nature to make you comfortable in your own skin. 

And we are happy that you appreciate it. We have had a great response so far, which is why we have decided to take it a notch higher with a bigger and better range.  

What keeps us going?

We believe Beauty is synonymous with Wellness!

We offer skin and hair care solutions with a difference. The idea is to present you with an antidote for the most important reason behind the ‘beauty’ being taken away from the beauty industry – toxics and chemicals. 

No complicated formulas, no difficult to pronounce ingredient list, no wasteful packaging, our products are based on plant powered formulas. We believe in power of nature to create the change inside out.  Using mother earth’s most nourishing and restorative ingredients, we love to offer something for everyone. 

Our Promise – Pure. Potent. Proven Products

Our biggest challenge has been to introduce products that embody purity, balance and botany in a perfect rhythm. 


We are strong advocates of clean beauty. Our personal experience of how well the naturals work motivate us to let the mother nature rule our shelves. Our products embrace the goodness of minerals, and plants, and flowers, to protect, fortify and return the youthful vibrancy of skin. We aim to introduce you to your most luminous self. 


Crafted in smaller batches, our well-thought concoctions are blended every 12-14 weeks to offer ultimate freshness and effectiveness. Our range of products is well teemed with life forces and nutrition to offer long lasting results that focus on healing your issues than just masking them. 


The elements that constitute our products are well researched, and are a consequence of sifting through many combinations, to present the one that stands out. We do the hard work so that you can be confident of what your body is consuming. 

We are Vegan. Cruelty Free. Sulphate Free. Paraben Free. Phosphate Free. Sodium Free

And we love to hear from you!

We follow an open minded, service centric and curious approach. We always want to hear from you about your experiences, and needs so that we can continue to present you nothing short of the best!